Friday 26 September 2014

Object 701 Trials

"To the chief of the GBTU TU, Engineer-Colonel Blagonravov

I report on the trials of Object 701.

Vehicle #1:

After taking apart the transmission and replacing broken components, trials continued. From October 26th to October 29th, the tank travelled 190 km. In total, the tank travelled 1160 km. Trials were paused for the following reasons:
  1. The engine is hard to start. During the last trial stage (1070 km), the engine stopped starting, and only after replacing 3 nozzles in the left group did we manage to start the engine, with some difficulty.
  2. The water radiator leaks (produced by the aircraft factory).
  3. The 3rd gear transmission reductor friction clutch tore.
Vehicle #2:

Assembly and a 140 km trial run have been completed.

Maximum temperatures:
  • Water: 90 degrees
  • Oil in the engine: 90-92 degrees
  • Oil in the transmission: 95 degrees
  • Air temperature: 0 degrees
During trials, the oil radiator was replaced, as it was leaking (radiator produced by aircraft factory #34).

Vehicle #2 was being prepared for the state commission, and has the following improvements compared to vehicle #1:
  1. Additional fuel tanks are connected to main fuel tanks, and have the appropriate valve on the driver's control panel.
  2. A mechanism to jettison additional fuel tanks without leaving the tank has been added.
  3. The radiator socket is removable.
  4. The water and oil systems have been simplified.
  5. A Panther type heater has been added for the water system.
  6. A new type of air grille has been added with a reverse lock.
  7. The transmission oil pump has been improved (40 L/min in 5th gear instead of 20)
  8. Kimaf oil filter installed to clear the transmission oil.
  9. The driver's pedals have been simplified and a ball bearing added to their axles.
  10. Other small design improvements.
The hull of of the old type. The turret and gun are from vehicle #0, which has returned from trials at the Gorohovets proving grounds.

The factory has made the decision to perform 1000 km of mobility trials with vehicle #2.

GBTU representative, Engineer-Lieutenant-Colonel Markin."

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