Saturday 13 September 2014

T-80 Green Light

"Extract from the act on the comparative trials on T-80 and T-70 tanks, conducted as a result of NKSM and GABTU KA order #6135, issued on December 4th , 1942

  1. The combat qualities of the T-80 tank, such as
    1. Armour
    2. Practical rate of fire
    3. Accuracy
    4. Ability to fire at airborne targets
    5. Visibility
    6. Crew comfort
      surpass those of the T-70 tank, and meet the requirements for a light tank.
  2. The increased crew of 3 drastically increases the T-80's combat performance compared to the T-70B, and improves the control of tanks in battle. It is easier and faster to service the tank with three men.
  3. The installation of two turbocharged GAZ-80 engines with a total power of 170 hp results in an effective 15 hp/ton, which provides the T-80 with better or equal performance compared to the T-70B.
  4. The 45 mm gun with an additional return mechanism designed by Gorkiy factory performed flawlessly during trials (875 shots).
  5. Drawbacks of the T-80 include:
    1. The turret and turret platform ceiling must be removed to replace the engines, which will complicate field repairs.
    2. Turbocharging the GAZ-80 engine resulted in large compression and filling ratios, which means that the cylinders, cylinder heads, valves, and cylinder liners are incompatible with the stock 6-cylinder engine.

The commission considers it possible to recommend the T-80 for adoption by the Red Army to replace the T-70, pending correction of all defects outlined in this act and factory trials."

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