Friday 19 September 2014

Tank Dogs in Combat

I've described the mechanisms that anti-tank dogs used, but here is a record of them being sent into combat.

"To the chief of the Moscow Military District HQ
CC: Mozhaisk reinforced region chief, Volokolamsk reinforced region chief, commander of the 43rd Army, commander of the 30th Army

Based on the order of the People's Commissar of Defense (cipher #13701, 13703 issued on October 13th, 1941), send tank destroyers with dogs to the following regions:
  1. One company to Mozhaisk, under the command of the Mozhaisk reinforced region commander.
  2. One company to Volokolamsk, under the command of the Volokolamsk reinforced region commander.
  3. Another company to Lesser Yaroslavets, under the command of the commander of the 43rd Army.
  4. Reshetnikovo railroad station, Kalinin railroad (army HQ at Zavidovo), under the command of the commander of the 30th Army.
Upon sending, report.

Western Front HQ Commander, Lieutenant-General Sokolovskiy
Western Front HQ Commissar, Brigade Comissar, Kazbintsev
October 14th, 1941"

Since by October 14th these regions have already been largely lost, it is unlikely that the dogs have actually fought there.

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