Wednesday 24 September 2014

Parade Problems

"Order from the Special Machinebuilding Trust of the NKTP, #19.2090s, September 1st, 1933, Moscow

Practice from previous years of preparation for parades on May 1st and November 7th shows that vehicles are sent in several days before a parade. The factory did not have time to carefully calibrate them, as a result there were cases of vehicles stalling while driving through Red Square. In the upcoming October parade, this cannot happen.

I order:
  1. Personally hold factory directors responsible for supplying:
    1. Voroshilov factory: 100 T-26 tanks, 25 armoured tractors.
    2. Factory #37: 100 T-37 tanks.
    3. Kharkov Locomotive Factory: 2 T-35s, one of which is the production type and the other is sent in for improvements from Leningrad.
    4. OKMO experimental factory: one T-35 vehicle currently being modified.
  2. All factories must immediately begin production and calibration such that vehicles will be ready by no later than October 1st and delivered to Moscow no later than October 10th.
  3. Factory directors must send a report every 5 days to me personally.
Special Machinebuilding Trust Director, Neiman
September 1st, 1933"

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