Wednesday 10 September 2014

Making the SG-122


Mytishi, September 7th, 1942

Factory #592, hereafter referred to as "supplier", represented by factory director comrade D.F. Pankratov, acting according to the factory regulations on one side and the Artillery Committee of the Red Army GAU, hereafter referred to as "customer", represented by ___________ acting according to ___________ on the other, compose the following contract:

1. Contract purpose

The supplier will produce five new SG-122 self propelled howitzers and refit one prototype according to factory #592 SKB blueprints, with the installation of a radio, tools, and spare parts on each. The customer will accept the self propelled howitzers and pay for the cost of their production.

2. Technical requirements and acceptance

The self propelled howitzers are produced in groups, according to the following blueprints:
  • Group 03: #100441
  • Group 04: #100437
  • Group 05: #100421
  • Group 06: #100453
  • Group 07: #100464
  • Group 11: #100463
  • Group 16: #100422
  • Group 28: #100455
Tools and parts are included with the vehicles according to the list in the SG-122 manual.

Guns and radio stations are provided by the customer by September 10th, 1942, free of charge. Additionally, the customer provides the following for every radio set:
  • One TPU-3 set with a cable. Note: if the original cable is missing, it can be substituted with a 7-strand ATSOE type cable, 10 meters in length.
  • 4-6 shielded cable, 15 meters in length.
Installation of the radios is done by factory #592 according to the technical specifications of the Red Army NIST and directions of GAU KA.

StuG and PzIII chassis are supplied to factory #592 by GABTU through GAU KA, repaired and suitable for service, with shielded electrical cables, free of charge, by September 10th, 1942. Note: the PzIII tank is modified into a StuG.

The Red Army GABTU issues armoured plates necessary to produce SG-122 vehicles  to factory #592 from its repair bases, free of charge. Note: cutting and shaping armoured plates is performed by factory #592.

Produced self propelled howitzers must pass gunnery and mobility trials as outlined by the GAU KA program. The customer provides ammunition and fuel for these trials. 

The final acceptance of the self propelled howitzers will be done by a GAU representative, who will compose an acceptance contract for every howitzer.

3. Price and totals

The cost of one self propelled howizer is 45,000 rubles. The refitting of the prototype costs 10,000 rubles. In total, the order is for the sum of 235,000 rubles.

4. Deadlines

The deadline for the order is September 1942, conditional on the delivery of all components by the customer by the specified dates. Payment for the order is done according to rules of the Credit reform.

5. Penalties

In the event that the order is not filled in time, the supplier pays a penalty of 2% of the order price to the customer.

In the event that the payment is not delivered to the supplier on time, the customer pays a penalty of 0.05% for each day of nonpayment. 

All arguments between the two parties are decided by the Government Arbitrage in Moscow."

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