Thursday 27 November 2014

AA T-34

In my article on various T-34s with automatic cannons, I mentioned a T-34 with two 23 mm MP-6 guns. Here's a little more about this project.

"We reply to your inquiry #145751s with notes on the tactical-technical requirements on the MP-6 and DS mount in a T-34 tank.

On requirement 1: since the modernized tank turret needs significant changes to accomodate the MP-6 and DS, requirement 1 needs to be changed to the following:

"The 23 mm MP-6 guns and 7.62 mm DS coaxial machinegun are installed in a T-34 turret, which can be modified to ensure the comfortable operation of the weapons."

On requirement 13: the time it takes to reload and unload the guns will be tested on an experimental mount.

On requirement 14: the amount of ammunition carried is approximate, as we still don't know the size of the magazine.

On requirement 18: instead of an automatically opening roof, it is more reasonable to have a mantlet that covers the port. Do not specify this in the technical requirements, we can figure it out in the design.

On requirement 21: confirm that the guns come with shell catchers. We consider it reasonable to supply the shell catchers with the guns like it is done for other guns.

The specification to do with ammunition belts is unclear, as we consider the tank version of the MP-6 to be the magazine-fed version, according to the dimensional blueprints send to us by OKB-16.

Aside from the aforementioned changes, we request requirement 24 to be added:

"24: the factory is allowed to change the requirements, having reviewed the requirement in each case with Red Army BTU."

For detailed development of the project, the aforementioned blueprints are insufficient. We need the following materials:

1. Blueprints with all dimensions of the assembly.
2. Working blueprints of the barrel, hydraulics, and spring, in order to armour them.
3. Blueprints of the shells and magazines.
4. A description of the system and a service manual. It is imperative that you send us one of these assemblies and magazines with real or practice ammunition.

Additionally, we must point out that the DS slot must be redesigned and the ball mount be removed, so that the machinegun is easy to mount in the mantlet.

Chief Engineer Makhonin
Chief Designer Morozov"

CAMD RF 38-11355-297

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