Saturday 22 November 2014

ZiS-23 and ZiS-24 Status

Remember these massively overpowered guns and how they were cancelled in 1942 for lack of a valid enemy? This is how far their designers got in building the actual things.

"Fulfilling decree of the USSR SNK and Central Committee #P32/116, Stalin factory #92 developed blueprints for the ZiS-23 85 mm antitank gun and, on its own initiative, ZiS-24 107 mm antitank gun. All parts aside from the barrels were produced for both systems, and M-60 and ML-20 mounts were prepared for installation. The barrels were ordered at factory #221, and were never received by factory #92. No further work on the ZiS-23 and ZiS-24 was done. The following was spent on designing the ZiS-23 and ZiS-24 components:
  • ZiS-23
    • Design: 43,979.71
    • Parts production: 73,387.03
    • Total cost: 117,366.74
  • ZiS-24
    • Design: 21,033.22
    • Parts production: 62,481.04
    • Total cost: 83514,26
I ask you to order the payment for the design and production of ZiS-23 and ZiS-24 systems.

Factory director, Elyan
Assistant chief engineer, Sheffer"

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