Saturday 29 November 2014

Picky Commissariat

"Minutes of PB#114 on January 20th, 1930, p. 4: Report by the Ordzhonikidze commission (Ordzhonikidze, Voroshilov, Kuybishev, Uryvayev, Tolokontsev, Postnikov, PB#113 from January 15th, 1930, p. 25).

  1. Approve, with some corrections, the following proposals of the commission:
    1. Accept that there are currently no tanks or tractors that must begin production at tank and tractor factories that satisfy the People's Commissariat of Military and Naval Affairs, and that it is necessary to produce documents describing specifically what kind of vehicles the Commissariat needs and how they are to be produced at tractor and automotive factories.
    2. In order to study various types of fast tractor/tank engines and tractors abroad that meet the Commissariat's needs, as well as to study the methods by which high speed tractors are built, propose that a commission composed of Halepskiy, Osinskiy, and Budnyak spends up to 500,000 roubles abroad to purchase speedboats, tractors, and various engines, as well as familiarize themselves with their production.
    3. The final decision on production of tanks and speedboats at Soviet factories is delayed until the commission returns.
    4. Propose that the commission, regardless of its trip, work on issues of tanks and tractors in a unified automotive production process.
    5. Propose that the commission continuously supply information while abroad.
  2. Assign the commission composed of Rukhimovich (chair), Kalinovskiy, Tolokontsev, Yakovlev, Mezhlauk, and Postnikov to discover what kind of high speed tractors we have and organize trials, considering the experience of trials held by the People's Commissariat of Agriculture, VSNKh, and People's Commissariat of Military and Naval Affairs, and also figure out the state of affairs with the German tractor."

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