Monday 17 November 2014

SU-76 Ergonomics Trials

"An act composed at the Order of Lenin, Order of the Labouring Red Banner, and Order of the Red Star Kuybishev factory #38, on April 15th, 1943

We the undersigned compose this act to record that we have performed ballistics trials of the 76 mm gun mod. 1942 (ZiS-3) on an SPG built on a modified T-70 tank, indexed SU-38.

The firing was performed at the factory shooting range with proof HE shells.

  1. Firing from the right limit: The gun is aimed as far to the right as possible. 3 shots are made. The loader was to the right of the gun during two shots, and to the left of the gun for the third shot.
  2. Firing from the left limit. The gun is aimed as far to the left as possible. 3 shots are made.
  3. Firing from the center position. The hatches and doors are closed. The gun elevation is approximately 0 degrees. The brakes are off. The firing is done to measure the rate of fire, using shells from the left rear rack. Rate of fire: 5 shells during 17 seconds from the "fire!" command. During the five shots, the aim was insignificantly shifted.
During the firing, the 4 man crew was in their places. Extracting shells did not impede the work of the crew. 

Remarks: the side plates of the gun's armour deformed due to improper installation. It is necessary to move the spare vision block from the wall of the right rear ammunition rack to a safer place.

Overall conclusions: consider that the trials gave satisfactory results. The conditions of work at all horizontal gun angles are satisfactory and provide the necessary rate of fire as defined by tactical-technical requirements.

Commission members:
Chief engineer, Terentyev
Factory proving grounds chief, Mironov
Deputy chief engineer, Kozyakin
Department of application chief, Weissberg
SU-38 chief engiener, Kuritz
GAU KA representative"

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