Saturday 1 November 2014

Penetration, SNAFU Edition

This penetration table holds no new information, and just contains data copied from this table, except only the guns made for heavy tanks made it into the copy.

Yawn. But wait, what is this? Zoom, enhance!

Wow, 900 millimeters of armour piercing action on that M-10! Send in the KV-2s, the Maus will stand no chance! Except...well let's make sure to double check that with the original table and... 900 mm rapidly becomes 90 mm. Oops. Remember, if it's too good to be true, it probably isn't!


  1. Well damn and i was all excited about the potential of the kv2 getting a buff in world of tanks :-(
    Cant we just pretend its all legit and stuff ?

    Though i did get a good chuckle out of "Zoom, enhance!"

  2. Looks like they caught and corrected the 900" error when it was made for the F-30 at 30°.

  3. Those are the time-traveller shells, fuelled with anti-matter.

  4. What caught my eye is the muzzle velocity of the ZiS-6. It varies quite a lot from document to document. Got an explanation?

  5. It seem those were all produced 4/41. There isn't any info on the shell names.