Saturday 22 November 2014


You may be an artist one day, and a soldier the next. Does that mean your desire to draw disappears? Not at all, it just retreats to the background, and surfaces whenever it can. You've already seen the art of the 16th Tank Brigade, but that was one drawing on the cover of a report. Some people had more spare time than that. For instance, a report of a sapper unit has illustrations in every section!

The 3rd Guards Tank Army is no slouch in the art department. Their infographics were decades ahead of their time!

The picture shows the amount of scrap metal collected during their drive Westward. October and December were excellent months for the unit's recycling program, with many German tanks collected on the battlefield (552 tons and 556.5 tons, respectively), but November was not such a great month. Only 20 tons of scrap metal was collected, enough to fill just one train car. 

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