Tuesday 10 February 2015

Chemical T-46

"August 19th, 1935
To: Director of the S.M. Kirov Experimental Machinebuilding Factory

When the T-46 flamethrower was examined, the following conclusions were made:
  1. The 50 L fuel tank (40 L usable volume) can make 10-12 shots at a range of 25 meters and 5-6 at a range of 40 meters. It is easy to work with this device.
    However, the volume is insufficient, and needs to be increased to 100 L.
  2. The flamethrower equipment cannot be used to emit smokescreens.
  3. If ABTU accepts this flamethrower, the following changes must be made:
    1. Replace the flexible hose with a metal pipe, turning will be enabled with a ball joint.
    2. Replace the hose nozzle with a more modern type, like on BT and T-37 tanks.
    3. Add a pressure meter to measure the pressure inside the fuel mixture tank.
    4. The pressure meter and reductor should be placed on a panel in the front of the turret. Use the M-34 reductor.
    5. In order to hold the fuel mixture tank, weld a ring of iron with openings for bolts to the bottom.
  4. It must be noted that the conversion of the T-46 to a chemical tank is more difficult than the conversion of the T-26. The chemical T-26 has a 400 L tank. If possible, the T-46 needs to have equipment of equivalent power.
  5. A place for a 80-100 L smoke mixture tank is desirable.
Chief of the Chemical Department of NIHI RKKA

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