Saturday 28 February 2015

DT Modernization, 1942

"Variant #1 of the DTM modernized V.A. Degtyaryev tank machinegun

Brief description
  1. Variant #1 of the modernized DT machinegun involves design changes to the gas system, which allows simplification of the ball mount. The goal of this modernization is to protect the machinegun gas system from bullets and shrapnel with minimum modifications to the mount.
  2. The following parts were changed as a result of the modernization:
    1. The gas tube was moved closer to the breech, and is now covered entirely by the ball mount.
    2. The frame bar and plunger were replaced with one lengthened plunger, attached directly to the frame.
    3. The cap of the ball mount was removed.
  3. In other ways, the design is identical to the nonmodernized DT tank machinegun."

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