Tuesday 3 February 2015

T-40 APC

The Red Army may have fought the war without any domestically produced APCs, but that wasn't from a lack of trying. The T-40 could have been the platform for an artillery tractor/APC combination.

"Tactical-technical requirements for a tracked armoured carrier.
  1. Purpose:
    1. Transporting a squad (12 men) of motorized infantry with armament in a motorized division and to transport ammunition to combat zones.
    2. Towing artillery systems and tractor trailers weighing up to 4000 kg.
  2. Characteristics:
    1. Mass (with live weight of 1400 kg): no more than 6 tons.
    2. Armour: front armour is 13 mm, side armour is 10 mm.
    3. Armament: one turret for shooting at ground targets, one PPSh.
    4. Capacity: 14 men (two in the cockpit).
    5. Maximum grade and performance of the vehicle should be no less than those of a T-40 tank.
    6. Ground pressure without submerging: 0.5 kg/cm^2.
    7. Clearance: 300 mm.
    8. Fuel range: 300-350 km.
    9. Maximum tilt: 30 degrees.
    10. Fording depth: up to 800 mm.
    11. Engine: 85-90 hp ZiS-16
  3. Components:
    1. T-40 suspension.
    2. ZiS-16 gearbox.
    3. T-40 and ZiS transmission.
      The design of the hull and transmission layout should be made with the consideration that an unarmoured transport with a platform, an AA gun, or other specialized vehicles will be built on this platform.
  4. Requirements for components of the APC:
    1. The engine must start reliably at all times of year.
    2. The cooling system must guarantee reliable engine performance in the external temperature range of -45 to +45 degrees.
    3. The gearbox and main clutch demultiplexor must both be currently produced at ZiS.
    4. The suspension must guarantee:
      1. Reliable function for 5000 kilometers over various types of terrain.
      2. Movement of the tractor off-road at maximum speed.
      3. Tracks do not fall off.
    5. The armoured hull must be designed with an open top and a rear that flips open. The driver and gunner's compartment must be armoured.
    6. The design of the hull must enable the troops to load and unload in 20-30 seconds.
    7. The design of the seats must enable the troops to carry their rifles and submachineguns, as well as other loads. When designing the hull, keep in mind the need to affix stretchers carrying heavily wounded men.
    8. The transport must have a shock-absorbing trailer hitch that allows rapid and reliable connections with existing artillery systems and tractor trailers.
    9. All mechanisms must be easily accessible for adjustments, lubrication, and repairs.
    10. Tactical-technical requirements will be revised after the inspection of the GABTU technical project.
Deputy Chief of GABTU, Major-General of Technical Forces, Lebedev
Deputy Chief of the Red Army Armoured Directorate, Military Engineer First Class, Alymov"

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