Thursday 12 February 2015


German tanks weren't the only things to be converted to be compatible with Soviet supplies. A plan to use German artillery was in place as well.

"To: TsAKB Chief, Lieutenant-General of Technical Forces, comrade V.G. Grabin
Copy: Artkom chair, Lieutenant-General of Artillery, comrade V.I. Hohlov

On the issue of converting captured guns

I reply to letter #109s sent on November 16th, 1943, to report that your proposed ideas and analysis of conversion of German heavy artillery deserves the attention of NKV and GAU KA. According to this analysis, I propose the following conversion projects:
  1. 211 mm mod. 1918 heavy mortar to the ballistics of a 203 mm B-4 howitzer.
  2. 150 mm mod. 1918 and mod. 1939 guns to the ballistics of a 152 mm Br-2 gun.
  3. 150 mm mod. 1918 howitzers to the reduced ballistics (first charge) of the 152 mm ML-20 gun-howitzer and 122 mm A-19.
Report on acceptable timeframes for TsAKB as soon as you receive this message.

Chair of the NKV Technical Council, Satel."

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