Sunday 15 February 2015

Replaceable Tires

All-Union State Special Machine-building Trust
April 4th, 1935
To the director of the Voroshilov factory, comrade Dufur
Copy: director of the Kirov factory, director of factory #185, RKKA ABTU

Despite the quite obvious necessity of switching to T-26 tanks with removable road wheel tires in 1935, the issue is still not resolved. The necessity of using removable tires is confirmed by both trials (in a 3000 km run, only two road wheels broke for reasons not connected to their tires) and the unsatisfactory robustness of the enlarged road wheels on that same vehicle, SU-5, and other vehicles on the T-26 chassis.

The claim that the production will be too costly is countered by the necessity to restore the old casting molds, which will be more expensive than making new casting molds for the simpler removable tires.

Finally, the cost of use will not increase if one considers the significant gain in reliability and decrease in rejections of manufactured components. The tire will be molded on a separate simple mold, as opposed to a complicated combination mold.

Considering the aforementioned points, I consider it necessary to immediately switch to removable tires for the T-26, for which:
  1. The director of the Voroshilov factory, comrade Dufur, in cooperation with the Kirov factory, must develop a plan to produce production together with the aim of switching to production of removable tires in the fourth quarter of 1935.
  2. The directory of factory #185 comrade Barykov must sign a contract with the Kirov factory to supply road wheels for the production of the SU-5 and other experimental vehicles on the T-26 chassis.
The full plan of shifting production to road wheels with removable tires and the cost of this transition should be given to me for approval no later than April 15th of 1935.
Director of the Special Machine-building Trust, Neimann"

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