Thursday 5 February 2015

Object 701 Complaints

"Notes on the fighting compartment of the Object 701

On the installation of the 122 mm S-34 gun:
  1. The upper travel lock is inconvenient, needs constant observation during travel, and does not take the load off the elevation mechanism. Similar locks were used on the SU-85, and did not show themselves well. It is inconvenient to use the lock on short marches. A new simpler and more convenient lock must be designed.
  2. The elevation mechanism handle is positioned poorly. It is too low, and makes it hard to use for the gunner. It is necessary to turn the handle towards the gunner and introduce grooves into the flywheel for aiming by grasping the flywheel itself.
  3. The electric machinegun trigger on the turning mechanism flywheel is inconvenient to use.
On the crew and ammunition positions:
  1. Move the seat height adjustment pedal underneath the seat to prevent accidental presses. Improve the reliability of the seat stopper.
  2. The commander's cupola cannot rotate unless all sights are in their forward-most position, as the clips will catch on the stopper base.
  3. The hatches do not have a way to lock them in the open position.
  4. The MK-4 devices installed in the cupola do not fully provide observation and fire correction at 1500-3000 meters.
  5. Replace one of the commander's MK-4 devices with an optical fire correction device.
  6. The ammunition rack for 122 mm shells is not finished. The cells are not rigid enough and are not attached securely. Increase the thickness of the cassettes and tolerances on the internal diameter. Reinforce the cassette springs and ensure that shells are held securely.
  7. Improve the shell holders on the side of the turret.
  8. Add clips for holding individual shells on the floor of the fighting compartment.
  9. Add a handle on the top of the turret in front of the gunner to make exiting the turret easier.
  10. Add markings on the turret ring for placing the turret in travel position.
  11. There is no ventilation in the fighting compartment. Install a fan.
  12. There are not enough machineguns in the 701. The number of machineguns is less than that of the IS.
  13. The AA DShK machinegun is not installed.
  14. 12.7 mm DShK rounds and 50 mm smoke grenades are not installed.
  15. Having shells on the floor of the fighting compartment limits the gun elevation to 16 degrees, while not guaranteeing the shells will not be hit by the recoiling breech.
  16. The commander cupola angle markings are hard to see. They need to be illuminated or applied with glowing paint.
  17. The water-tightness of hatches and vision devices is unsatisfactory, it does not prevent permeation of water and dust.
  18. There are no means for clearing the vision ports from dust and water. In the rain, visibility is decreased.
  19. The loader's optics need to be more comfortable to use.
  20. Install a torsion bar on one half of the commander's hatch in order to make it easier to open.
  21. Cover the commander's hatch with porous rubber on the inside.
Engineer-Colonel Kovalev
Lieutenant-Colonel Bragin
Engineer-Major Mashkov

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