Sunday 22 February 2015

T-34 Modernization

"Decree of the Committee of Defense within the Council of Commissars of the USSR
Moscow, Kremlin

On the production of T-34s with torsion bar suspensions

The NKSM (factory #183) must produce two experimental T-34 tanks with the following features by April 1st, 1941:
  1. Individual torsion bar suspension.
  2. Road wheels with internal shock absorption.
  3. 1600 mm turret ring with protection from jamming and lead fragments.
  4. A commander's cupola on the main turret with a dead zone of at most 10 meters.
  5. A 5 man crew, of which 3 are in the turret (commander, gunner, loader) and two are in the hull (driver, radio operator).
  6. Maximum speed: 65-70 kph.
  7. New 600 hp V-5 engine (modernized V-2-K).
  8. Other tactical-technical characteristics remain the same as defined by decree #428 on December 19th, 1940.
  9. Perform factory trials by April 1st, 1941. Present the tanks for proving grounds trials on May 1st, 1941. 
NSKM and NKO must supply the KO with suggestions on producing this improved T-34 tank.

NKSM (Mariupol factory) must produce two hulls and two turrets by February 1st, 1941.

Chair of the Committee of Defense within the Council of Commissars, K. Voroshilov
Secretary of the Committee of Defense, M. Pugayev"

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