Sunday 6 April 2014

AT-1 Development

"The AT-1 hull differs from the hull of the T-26, it is slightly lengthened. The added length allows moving back the gun system back, along with the sight. It is possible to place the sight further back for indirect fire. 
Leave the PTK on the left and the simplified PTK on the right in the prototype and the trial batch. If it is not possible to satisfactorily position the dials and sight in such a way that it does not impede the driver, it is acceptable to move the driver to the right. Complete the revision of mechanisms and check them by June 1st.

In order for mass production to begin in 1939, the commission considers that the prototype with the production L-10 gun should be produced in metal no later than July 15th. The gun mount for the L-10 should be provided by the Kirov factory no later than July 1st.

Overall, the commission notes the lack of a rotating turret, which lowers the value of the vehicle as an artillery tank. In parallel with development of the AT-1, work on equipping the T-26 with the 76 mm gun in the BT fully rotating turret.

Allow factory #174 to produce blueprints with the driver on the right and use them for the trial batch of 3 vehicles."

"A trial installation of the L-10 gun in the AT-1 vehicle shows that, without a radical hull redesign, it is not possible to achieve adequate placement of the driver and gun crew. 

Taking into account that, due to its limited gun traverse, the AT-1 is unsuitable for cooperation with tank units, and can mainly only be used for fire from closed positions, I ask for your permission to cease work on the AT-1 vehicle.

Further effort should be directed to mount the 76 mm gun on the T-26 in a fully rotating turret from the BT-7, which, perhaps, will allow for less changes to the stock T-26 vehicle."
RGVA 31811-2-880

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