Friday 4 April 2014

KV-9 Production

"To the deputy People's Commissar of Tank Production of the USSR, Major-General of Technical Forces, comrade Kotin
Chair of the Technical Council of the Council of People's Commissars, comrade Satel
Director of the Kirov factory, comrade Mahonin
Director of Kalinin factory #8, comrade Fratkin
Regional GAU KA engineer at factory #8, Engineer-Colonel comrade Kasheyev
Regional GABTU BTU engineer at the Kirov factory, Engineer-Lieutenant-Colonel comrade Kozyrev

On the issue of a trial production run of KV-9 tanks.

Trials of the KV-9 tank armed with a 122 mm U-11 howitzer ended in March of this year.

In August of this year, continuing this work, factory #8 produced two U-11 howitzers with corrections according to proving grounds trials, and Kirov factory (#100) made corrections to the KV-9 tank according to the conclusions of the commission.

I ask for your orders to assemble a trial run of KV-9 tanks with U-11 howitzers for battlefield trials. For this, the following is necessary:
  • Factory #8: produce a lightened pipe guard for all howitzers according to the blueprints provided to the Artkom and send them to the Kirov factory (Chelyabinsk).
  • Factory #69: develop blueprints for scope markings for the TMFD and PT-4 sights for a gun with the ballistics of the U-11 122 mm howitzer, produce three of each, and immediately send them to the military representative at the Kirov factory (Chelyabinsk).
  • Kirov factory: equip the fighting compartment in the old type of turret with a fighting compartment, ammunition rack, a commander's cupola of the KV-1S type (forward and to the right). In order to lighten the tank to 45 tons, mount the turret on a lighter KV-1S hull.
I ask you to inform me of your orders and estimated completion times.

Deputy GAU KA Chief and Artkom Chair, Major-General of Artillery, Hohlov
Deputy GABTU KA Chief, Major-General of Tank Forces, Korobkov
October 23rd, 1942"

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