Saturday 5 April 2014

Harsh Words

Communication is a difficult task. You have to balance secrecy with convenience, and, when that doesn't work out, professionalism with harsh language. Let's watch.

"Malinin here.

Malandin here.
We just received a resolution from the commander, familiarize yourself with it. Honestly, how did you managed to think of such a damned stupid thing and send a ciphertext instead of a flash about tanks? The commander ordered me to swear at you profusely for this disgrace. So you do not do this again, report concisely where the enemy tanks are, so a decision can be made with this information, such as help with aircraft and the 21 tanks from the 22nd Tank Brigade that the commander temporarily assigned to combat breakthroughs. I await the sitrep, briefly, where are enemy tanks?

Colonel Ryzhikov here. Malinin has strep throat and the doctors recommend that he should not go outside.

Closer to current matters, you can tell Malinin what happened later.

Yes sir.

Report immediately.

Up to 80-100 tanks advanced on Fedosino

Where are the tanks? I don't need the full history, where are the tanks right now?

The tanks are in Ostashino. Everyone stationed there is fighting them.
Lieutenant-General Rokossovskiy here. Who asked for me?

Comrade Rokosovskiy, Malandin here. The commander is very displeased that Malinin sent a ciphertext about the breakthrough, and this caused the message to be late by 3 hours. He ordered me to swear profusely at him. Tell him that. The commander wants to know where the tanks are so that they can be attacked with aviation and our tanks. Second, what did you counter the tanks with?

Hello, comrade Malandin. The battle is at Ostashevo. I threw in what I had. I gathered a battalion of infantry from various units, and two batteries from our AT gun Guards regiment. That is all I could transfer there. There is nothing else I can move from the front, as the Lithuanian group is displaying activity, which is likely to develop into an offensive in the morning. We are doing what we can and will not leave without fierce battle.
I would ask for my HQ to be moved to the Teryaeva Sloboda monastery north of Volokolamsk, and the second echelon moved to Pokrovskoye to ensure that I have communication with my forces for as long as possible, as the communication line and supply line will go through the center of the army. I received reports from my left flank that they are fighting well, and retreated only when all of their artillery was destroyed by the enemy. That is all.

The commander allowed for the 21 delayed tanks to enter your command for combat with the breakthrough. The aircraft have orders to bomb tanks at night. Mark your region with hidden fires. I will go report to the commander and pass on his decision.

No tanks were delayed here. Everything the brigade had moved on to Volokolamsk, without leaving individual tanks. We did not halt any tanks for subsequent movements. This is all. I will wait."
CAMD RF 208-2511-140

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