Thursday 3 April 2014


"To the Chief of the Red Army GBTU TU, Engineer-Colonel comrade Blagonravov

I report on the status of the Object 701 as of September 17th, 1944.

Vehicle #1 (previously examined  by the government commission) is completely disassembled. The hull was used to mount new components, which implement suggestions from the commission.

The aforementioned vehicle has the following mounted: suspension, side reductors, engine, fan motor. The planetary transmission is currently being assembled at mechanical plant #2.

After the end of assembly, the vehicle will be subjected to factory trials with the goal of determining the reliability of components and the possibility of their installation on further objects that will be examined by the government commission.

Senior military representative of the Red Army GBTU TU, Engineer-Major Lelyakov"
CAMD RF 38-11355-2511

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