Monday 14 April 2014

German Prospects

I showed German production plans before, but those aren't as interesting as the prototypes they had in store.

"Report to the Fuhrer, April 7th, 1944 Top Secret
  1. Planning to deliver trucks for 11 (eleven) motorized units (see attachment).
  2. The Inspector General of the tank forces requested the following armoured vehicle improvements:
    1. Super-heavy anti-tank gun
      1. 15 cm: L/63 (length of barrel in calibers)
      2. 17 cm: L/53
        Penetrating power: 200 mm at 4000 m.
        Shell weight:
        for 17 cm: 72 kg
        for 15 cm: 45 kg
    2. 21 cm SPG: assault gun on the Panther chassis
    3. Modernized PzIV: sloped armour, more powerful engine (fall 1945), 7.5 cm L/70 tank gun.
  3. Bergepanzer III cannot be removed from production and rebuilt as an assault gun (SPG).
    The 240 PzIII tanks currently bring repaired in the rear should be rebuilt as recover vehicles. There is difficulty when converting them into SPGs due to increasing the front armour from 50 mm to 80 mm."

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