Tuesday 22 April 2014

T-34-85 Upgrade

"GOKO decree #4873 from January 1st, 1944 re-arms T-34 tanks with 85 mm model 1944 guns (S-53). Currently, NKV factories produce D-5 and S-53 guns. There are fears that, in the event of insufficient production of S-53 guns, other types of guns will be sent in, which will ruin quotas, as the D-5 and S-53 guns are not interchangeable. This already happened at factory #112. Due to an absence of S-53 guns, the factory was forced to retool to install D-5 guns, and when it received S-53 guns, will be forced to retool again to install S-53 guns, and it will not only be necessary to change the gun mount, but also the turret design.

I ask you to report the plan for supplying factories #112, 183, and Kirov factory with 85 mm tank guns for February, March, and April to G.L. Vershinin, assigned to factories by GOKO decree #5020s on January 23rd, 1944.

Deputy Chief of GBTU TU, Engineer-Colonel Muravich
Acting Chief of the 1st Department of GBTU TU, Engineer-Major Miroshnikov"

The requirement for two turret designs comes up again.

"T-34 tanks built with a 76 mm gun: 540 (18%)
T-34 tanks built with an 85 mm gun: 2449 (82%)

Additionally, it must be remarked that when transferring to an 85 mm gun, factory #112 had to master two types of turrets in 1944, one for a D-5 85 mm gun and one for an S-53 85 mm gun. 

The armour of the tank was increased. The factory began producing tanks with variable armour: front - 90 mm, sides - 75 mm, rear - 52 mm. Only tanks with the thickened turret are being produced as of November 1944."

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  1. Do you think it might be possible for you to ask Yuri Pasholok if he can find files on the 85 mm ZiS-1 gun trialled on the T-34-85?