Saturday 26 April 2014

Defensive KV Line

"To the Secretary of the Leningrad City Council, Kuznetsov for Voroshilov, Zhdanov, Popov, Molotov

The line between the southernmost point of the Krasnogvardeysk fortified region and the Volkhov river south of Luban or Chudovo is about 120 kilometers long. I understand that building a fortified region over that space is difficult. In order to make it easier, I suggest the following plan. Spread out KV tanks through the whole stretch between the southernmost point of the Krasnogvardeysk region and Volkov river, one per kilometer on average (spaced by 2 km or 500 m in places where the terrain needs it). Behind these tanks, place less powerful tanks and armoured cars. After this tank line, place heavy artillery. Infantry divisions are placed directly behind the tanks, using not only their firepower, but armour as cover. This needs 100-120 KVs. I think you can make that amount in 10 days. Stavka can give you 10 days worth of KVs starting on August 29th or 30th. This way, you have a fortress of tanks, artillery, and infantry that can be, at the same time, a division's mobile protection or an offensive wall. If you and the arriving Muscovites approve, I suggest we immediately move from words to actions. The decision to evacuate Putilov and Izhor factories was made yesterday by the Committee of Defense. In connection with the above plan, I delayed the evacuation. If the plan is approved, the Committee can cancel the decision. I await your immediate reply.

RGASPI 558-11-492

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