Tuesday 1 April 2014


"P.G. Solovyev's proposal is for a method of protecting a car when it is surrounded by enemy infantry. Solovyev proposes putting a thin metallic pipe around the vehicle, with small holes, and connect it with the car's gas tank. When compressed air is pumped into the tank, the gasoline will spray out of the holes. If ignited, it will form a fire wall around the car, protecting it from capture.

The technical committee of my Directorate considered this proposal and its conclusions written by the Chief of the Automotive Military School from September 19th of this year #5591, recorded in the journal on September 21st under #909, and came to the conclusion that, due to a small gasoline tank, and small size of the ignited gasoline streams, Solovyev's method of protecting the vehicle has no practical applications.

Signed, acting Chief of the Main Military-Technical Directorate, Engineer-General Aleksandrov
TK Matters Director, Military Engineer, Major-General Svizdinskiy
September 22nd, 1915."

And, the ever so polite response to the creator:

"...The method you propose does not deserve practical application. It is dangerous to the vehicle itself. The effect from sprinkling gasoline will be negligible. Additionally, the vehicle may be left without gasoline to run on."
RGVIA 803-1-1828

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  1. In south africa they have a similar thing as an anti car jacking defense.